Celeste´s blog I
(Cuentos del Alba 1, Hadas y humanos, la Conexión)

My name is Celeste, and I am 38 years old. I love sea and nature.
The huge and infinite lake in the Spanish Pyrenees is my imaginary home.
I say “imaginary”, or “supposed” since I am very dreamer, and something magic happened to me in that gorgeous wood.
The nature is magical in these woods, the haunting sunset, and the enthralling nightfall.
In fact, the thickness of the gigantic woods, the whispering wind travelling through the infinite leaves of the trees and the echo of the winter skipping through the dry branches of the shrub. This oneiric landscape of fairies is anchoring my mind.

At the beginning of the XX century, we scarcely couldn´t move from home. It wasn´t for fear, but there were so many things to do, including the work, that we hadn´t enough time to reach our dreams and reality.
I walked with my parents in the blue nights of autumn and in winter, while the icy cold pounded merciless the light of the landscape in that pretty corner.
The woods and the lake turned into life, when the wisperind wind and the wintry echo touched with their chant furiously the lake and the wild mountains.